The excitement of gambling grips almost everyone, and we see an especially high volume of Online CAsinos making their way onto the Internet. Games of chance have been found in just about every culture from day one from Ancient Egypt righ up to the 21st-century.

The word "casino" derives from the Italian word "Casa" meaning "house". This name originally referred to a country house or cottage. Over the course of time, the word came to denote a center of social gathering where the Locals convened to socialise, dance, listen to loacl music and play games of chance.

One of the first modern casinos as we know it today was established in Monaco, which is still very much a center for gambling today.

Casino gambling for real money became legalised in the UK in 1960. Even with this legalisation of gambling large numbers of British citizens continued to travel to Europe to enjoy the casinos.

Slot Machines - Otherwise known as fruit machines in the UK are normally situated in pubs, clubs and fast food shops, and are basically standard reels with fruit symbols. Jackpots are considerably lower than Las Vegas, with the equivalent of about $50 being typical high payout. Membership clubs may have higher jackpots of up to $200.

Most common features that are found on some of the fruit machines are "hold" - which is whereby the player is given the opportunity to prevent one or more reels from spinning on the next game, and "nudge" which allows the player to nudge reel/s forward a given number of steps. Payout percentages are between 70% and 78%.

Machines in the UK are programmed and regulated differently. The payout percentage is an overall figure, and unlike in USA, it's possible for these machines to payout two jackpots, one after the other. Each spin or revolution of the reel as it is also known, bears no relation to the previous spin, and it is for this reason that it is considered to be a game of luck, as opposed to a game of skill.

This variety of Fruit Machines is also popular in many other European countries, especially in central Europe.

A large movement in the UK forced the industry to display notices that the machines may offer the player a choice of playing and that in doing so there is a chance ofnot winning - this was implemented after it was discovered that software programmes could fix the outcome of a spin.

The most modern slots in the UK are much the same as offered world wide, these machines which are know as Video Slots haveanything from 3 paylines up to as many as 100 or more paylines.

5 Reel 25 Payline Slot Machine Multipayline 5 Reel Slot

Three Reel one payline Slot Machine